Biography of Dr Foo Yong Kong
Born in 1948 and graduated from Art School in Malaysia in 1970, majoring in Oil and Chinese Ink Painting, as well as Calligraphy. From 1972 to 1985 he studied art abroad and travelled extensively throughout Asia, holding numerous art exhibitions. During this time he also toured several European countries to learn further.

His overwhelming desire to create art that is universal in nature led him to explore the field of abstract art. His Abstract-Expressionism works which symbolise his own signature style combine the philosophies of the east and west into a harmonious, distinctive artform. Over the years his abstract paintings have evolved from the representational to the spontaneous, reflecting the free flow of his thoughts and emotions.

The poetic writings of the great Chinese masters have had a profound influence on Foo’s paintings, and he has successfully managed to capture the very essence and emotion of these poems into his works. His brilliant brush strokes, choice of colours and the rice paper medium which he uses all combine to create bold masterpieces that are active, yet project a muted effect reminiscent of classical Chinese paintings.

In Foo’s calligraphic expressions, in keeping with evolutionary trends, the symbolic meaning of the Chinese characters are explored further and manifested abstractly, reflecting the unique style and creative individuality of the artist. The characters are infused with swirling splashes of colours to project a sense of sheer vibrancy and aliveness yet retaining the balance and harmony that embody his outlook on life.

Throughout his career he has held many solo and group exhibitions, including international Biannual Exhibitions. Achievements include winning the Young Artists’ Award and bagging the Grand Prize in the All Malaysian Artists’ Exhibitions, way back in the 1970s. His paintings take pride of place in many private and public collections including those of High Commissioners to Malaysia, various corporations and discerning private collectors, both locally and abroad. Currently he has some of his works being exhibited at international Art Galleries in the major cities of Europe, USA and Asia.

In recent years he took part in the Asia-International Art Exhibition 2002 in Busan; The Biannual of Florence, Italy 2003; the International Ink Paintings Exhibition 2004, Tokyo, Japan; the Korea Malaysia Abstract Art Exhibition, 2005; and the Beijing Malaysia Calligraphy Solo Exhibition, 2005.

For his contributions to the advancement of art, he was awarded a Doctorate in Fine Arts by the Inter American University in 2003. Currently, as president of the Malaysian Contemporary Chinese Painting & Calligraphy Association, he is actively involved in the development and promotion of Chinese Ink Painting and Calligraphy both locally and on an international level.


1948年生,獲美國Inter America University頒發藝術哲學博士。就讀藝術學院時期即獲得多項藝術大獎,包括全國畫家創作首獎。為國際資深書畫家,從七十年代開始,舉辦過數十餘個人書畫展及參與國家藝術館主辦之海內外書畫展及巡迴展等。四十年來廣泛地游歷亞洲及歐洲國家,并在當地舉行個人畫展或現代書法展,發表創作經驗同時觀摩考察美術發展,作品為多國及私人企業收藏。曾經舉行過書畫及現代書法展覽的城市如;新加坡,曼谷,台灣,北京,江蘇,浙江,山東,河南,廣州,羅馬,巴黎,首爾,東京等地。


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